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Man is important.

The Mind of Man is priceless.

But the Soul has the highest value of all!

Man, no matter where he comes from, no matter his colour or race, he is a being with Mind and Soul.
These are his true values.

“Naxios” publications promote ideas, fairytales and stories that are useful to people.

The founder of “Naxios”, John Elpidoforos Profitis, derives his origin from the Greek island of Naxos and in fact from the grandparents of both his parents.

Honoring his ancestors, he named this publishing house «Naxios».

Afterall, decoding the Greek word “Naxios”, it means “the one who is worthy in Mind”!

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“Naxios” publications can supply their books in stores,
only through wholesale (VAT. 6%).

Why is Naxios (Νάξιος) worthy in Mind (στον νου άξιος)?

The Myth of Theseus is a well-known Greek Myth. Theseus is the hero who killed the Minotaur inside the Labyrinth, with the help of Ariadne. Right after this achievement, they sailed destinating Athens. On their way, they stopped on Naxos island, where, according to the Myth, Theseus abandons Ariadne and sails to Athens without her.

As most of the Greek Myths, this Myth as well seems naive and does not present logical and regular situations, so the reader becomes suspicious that it might conceal other information, which are revealed by the Greek Language Code of Simaioforos Theologos. (www.ramafa.gr).

According to the dictionary, Theseus (Θησεύς–τιθασεύς) is the founder of a new civilization, as his name derives from a verb which means: implant, define, arrange, legislate, establish, manage, create, build, produce, open road, make way etc.

Theseus is destined to take control of the Labyrinth of his Mind and rule his course, by abolishing the Minotaur, who is symbolizing the wild passions and the consolidated mind. He is destined to create a new civilization in his city, Athens, where “the eternal forces are revealed into the Mind”. The name “Athens” (Αθήναι) was not given by chance, as this was the holy city of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom.

The Mind is a real Labyrinth, and a tour in this Labyrinth makes us drift down by the passions and the futile wandering, without the hope of finding the way out, unless we are assisted by Ariadne.

Ariadne, symbolizes the superior Mind, who helps each “Theseus” to wander safely and be the winner in conquering his own Labyrinth.
This ARIA-DNE / Superior Mind, provides Theseus with the Mitos (the coherence), in order to connect all the information he needs, helping him wander around the Labyrinth and be a winner. So, this procedure makes him worthy in Mind, that is in Greek language “Νάξιος» (Naxios), as the Myth says that Theseus reaches Naxos island.

There, he leaves Ariadne, because he does not need her any more, as a worthy mind leaves his teacher or his school when he is graduating and moves on.

By the returning to his city, Theseus fatefully abolishes the kingdom of the earthly bodies, that are represented by his father Aegeas (Αιγέας), and “creates” a new civilization, based on the use of Mind, on the inner perception and distinction of the EY, the Good, hidden in every Anthropos.

The trip of Theseus’ rising starts in Creta (ΚΡΗΤΗ), where «(the light) flows downwards and the consolidated bodies are revealed», so when Theseus completes his work to rule upon the powers of his mind, he becomes worthy in Mind (Naxios) and capable to continue his trip to Athens, that is “the revelation of the eternal forces in mind”.

(For more information and the extended decoding of this Myth, you may read in the book of Foteini Tyraski “Nature, Art and Subconscious Messages” – Part A, page 223)

Man is important.
The Mind of Man is priceless.
But the Soul has the highest value of all!
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