Nature, Art and Subconscious Messages – Part Α

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Nature, Art and Subconscious Messages – Part Α


A guide to the primordial code of Visual Communication

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Foteini Tyraski


In Section A of this book the foundations of this research are being laid, as one cannot speak about Art, if he does not first define the terms "Society", "Communication" and the term "Anthropos" (Human), as he is the one who creates a society and communicates with the others. The “Language” is an essential tool for the communication between people. Still, the use of “Language” is in crisis, due to the alteration of the meanings of the words, creating conflicts between people. These findings are presented in this Section along with the solutions to such problems, in order to deal with these crises. In Section B the Code of Visual Communication is presented, as internationally accepted by the scientific and artistic community, using several examples for better understanding. These examples are also applied in several forms of Art, as well as, the Greek Art, so the reader can connect this code with those he is familiar with, realizing their true value. In Section C there is a research on the way the Visual Communication Code is used, in order to convey subconscious messages to the viewers through Television, Cinema, the children’s animated series, Advertising, Clothing, Hair in general and other means. The acknowledgement of this code can help people deeply understand the function of the mind, reveals the secret way the audiovisual means operate and be able to criticize all forms of Art.

Back cover text:

Lines are not only drawn on a piece of paper or a piece of Art. There are everywhere around us… In Nature (the shape of planets and their orbits, the horizon, the environment, trees, beings etc.), in human structures and creations (buildings, visual arts, advertising, products, television, cinema etc.) and of course all kinds of art, such as architecture, decoration, dance (movements of a group of people, movements and inclinations of a body, the lines that make the arms and legs of a dancer). Colors and lines, no matter their origin, have always a standard meaning in people’s minds, that is why this knowledge can be coded or decoded. The readers will consciously re-cognize the meanings of lines and colors, converting them to awakened viewers, in front of advertisement, television, cinema, product packaging, as well as, every form of art. Afterall, it is awesome to know “what does the poet mean to say…”

In this book you may read topics such as:

• The terms: Conscious, Subconscious Messages • Recreation and Entertainment • Society and Communication • Anthropos - Human • The relation between Nature and Art • The Environment – the Surroundings • How does the human brain “scans” an image? • The meanings of Lines • The meanings of Shapes • The meanings of Colours • Ancient Greek Art. Do all modern Greeks know its value? • Face and body proportions: How does the human brain interpret them? • Fear and terror in our lives • The mental alteration of man • Cartoon characters: Are they as innocent as they seem? • Monsters and superheroes: The «friends» of the children… • A few words about Advertising… • Driving simulation games and driving in everyday life • Decoding the Symbols: Cross, Star of David, Yin-Yang, Meander • The path of Self-Knowledge: Character and Instinct

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