Nature, Art and Subconscious Messages – Part B

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Nature, Art and Subconscious Messages – Part B


"Deconstructing our fake world…"

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Foteini Tyraski


In Part B of the book “Nature, Art and Subconscious Messages” are presented Sections D, E and F. Section D is dealing with the values of Art, as well as, human values, in general, researching the alteration of these values and the distortion of nature, caused by the non-thinking modern man. In Section E, the shapes of the Greek Alphabet Letters are decoded, by using the Visual Communication Code (in terms of lines), comparing them with their meanings, by using the Greek Alphabet Code of Simaioforos Theologos (in terms of meanings). This decoding, aims to awaken and connect both hemispheres of the reader’s brain (left and right), so he can achieve their equilibrium, leading him to a better and dynamic use of his mind. Finally, in Section F, nuggets of Truth are detected through the Greek Language, concerning many sectors of the human entity, while the reader can appreciate them on his own judgement. The proves for the fact that we live in a “fake” world, but also the wish to get released from the shackles, are at the reader’s discretion, whom we urge to “Search the Scriptures”…

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Modern psychology and psychoanalysis have defined the terms “conscious” (συνειδητό), “subconscious” (υποσυνείδητο) and “unconscious-oblivion” (ασυνείδητο), as concepts of areas with distinct personal boundaries in the mind of each person. The ancient Greek mentality though, by using the saying “Know thyself” (Γνώθι σαυτόν), may demolish the limits of these areas, with the use of the Greek Language, even reject the term “unconscious or oblivion” as an unacceptable term. Indeed, the word “un-conscious” (α-συνείδητο) expresses all these that a person does not know or shall never be able to know, as with the first syllable -un- (-α- in Greek) the word “unconscious” abolishes the meaning of every cognitive object in this “dark room” of the human soul. Still, every person, depending on the effort one makes in order to “give light” in the depths of his soul, he may differentiate the limits between his conscious and subconscious world. This procedure could possibly make him smarter or wiser, but certainly it will turn him into a conscious and deeply thinking being. Important reminder to the reader: This is the Part B of the book concerning Nature, Art and Subconscious Messages, so it would be ideal to have primarily read Part A, which provides explanations of key meanings and information, before proceeding to read this second part.

In this book you may read topics such as:

• The deeper meaning of the Muses • Judgements and Criticism about Art • Animal Welfare: The “love” of man for the animals and its hypocrisy… • The relation of man with the Earth and the stars… • The balance between the two hemispheres of the brain • Decoding the shapes of the Letters of the Greek Alphabet • Decoding the names of the Letters of the Greek Alphabet and the relation between names and shapes • The words: «Έχω» (I have), «Είμαι» (I am), το «Είναι» μου (my being), «Εγώ» (Me), «Εσύ» (You), «Αυτός» (Him) and «Άλλος» (the other) • Religion and Politics: The “Arts” that control the masses • The management of Knowledge

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